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I'm always garbage at how I should start these posts, so I suppose I'll stick to the direct approach.  The longer I play around modifying and 'improving' my guitars the more I appreciate lower output humbuckers.  My first BKP was a riff raff, which was great, but lacked some oomph with my setup.  Then I acquired a stormy Monday which is also great, but is a bit too soft for me.  Which brings me to my current favorite humbucker, the DiMarzio Al Di Meola (dp202).  It's currently only available, essentially, as a custom order from a DiMarzio dealer.  It's a pretty good middle ground between the riff raff and the stormy Monday.  Plenty of warmth and very 'singy' (not a great word I admit) but still punchy and aggressive when it counts and it cleans up with volume adjustments just as well as anything I've heard.  Obviously they aren't the easiest pickups to come by, but if you can get one and throw it into a brighter voiced instrument you'll have a very versatile machine.  Sorry I'm unable to post any clips (I lack the equipment and a speedy internet connection where I live).  Suffice it to say that Mr. Di Meola enjoyed it enough to put his name on it for a time.

Sounds good to me, what guitar have you put this in?

It was in a parts-caster (roasted ash body, roasted maple neck, hard-tail).  Right now it's back in it's box in my parts drawer until I strip and refinish a mahogany guitar (it was too bright with the ash body).  Still love it though.  I have another one that I've modified the snot out of that I keep as a spare since they aren't standard production anymore.  I've since put a modified DiMarzio Transition in the ash guitar (replaced the double-thick ceramic with a standard A5 to tame the high end and it seems to jive with that guitar rather well).

The DP202 sounds like an interesting pickup, it seems to be wound up to 10.8k more or less, which is either a pretty heavy wind of 42.5AWG, a very light 43AWG (unlikely given how smooth you say it sounds), or knowing Dimarzio could well have one coil of 42 and one of 43, which would bring it into the ballpark of the Seymour Duncan '59/Custom Hybrid pickup. On top of that you've got the brass baseplate, which will roll off highs and often makes the mids quite dominant too.

All in all while it may not be a high output pickup it's also fairly far off a vintage spec design. If you like that pickup and want to try something in a similar vein but more of a classic PAF wind, you might like to see about getting your hands on the Dimarzio 36th Anniversary model or one of the PRS models like the 57/08s that also feature brass baseplates.
In the Bare Knuckle range you might want to check out the Abraxas set, which despite being higher in DC resistance, will probably push your amp similarly to the DP202 partly due to its weaker Alnico IV magnet.


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