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Anyone directly compare Riff Raff NECK with Holy Diver NECK in the same guitar?


I've read comparisons of the HD neck with CS neck etc.. but I can't find a direct comparison of  the RR and HD neck. I think the question has been asked but not answered where I can find it.
I have the Riff Raff and the Cold Sweat but never tried the Holy Diver neck. I've tried the bridge.
It would be going into a mahogany body with maple cap if that matters.


I've a HD set and the neck is a tad more vintage sounding than I expected. Maybe people will disagree with me on that, but it doesn't seem to match the hotter bridge.

I personally wouldn't call the HD neck vintage sounding at all.  It's lower output than I expected, but it's very clear and bright and jangly and perhaps lacking in bass and mids to some extent.  There's no mud there at all (which is a good thing), but otherwise it's not voiced like any "vintage" neck humbucker that I'm familiar with.  In that sense it's modern to me.  It almost sounds like a middle pickup or something, not like a neck pickup.  While it sounds good I eventually decided that I wanted something that's more of a traditional "neck humbucker" sound.

I have not played a Riff Raff.

I really like the HD Calibrated Set in my Charvel CS (Trilogy Suite middle) and the neck position sounds wonderful from
Finger style to rock fusion, I’ve had the HD & Trilogy since 2008 great quality, they’ve never let me down live to studio.


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