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Hello guys!
How are you????
I'm studying design at the college and on this semester's project, I'll try to design a personal coffee making station.
As the basic research on the project, professor asked us to find info about how people drink coffee throught the world, so I thought "why not give a hi" :D
If anybody can help me, in which situations do you usually drink coffee and how is it? big cup and strong? espresso? American coffee? etc
Thank you very much

Plenum n Heather:
Hi Fernando!

To answer your questions: one cup in the morning, black. I grind my own beans and use a blend that is 65% South American beans and 35% French espresso. I then add a scoop of French/Italian espresso to it. I usually drink about 10 oz.

For the rest of the day I drink tea.

Cookie Monster:
I've recently discovered a supplier of some fantastic coffee beans from Ecuador. I hand grind them with a burr grinder, dump it into a French press, mix in some ground cinnamon and nutmeg, sprinkle some of both spices into my mug, and then poor the brewed coffee into the mug and stir. I add in some heavy cream on occasion. I usually consume about 2-3 cups each morning. Hope this helps!

Hey Fernando, long time!

I don't drink coffee. But I drink one large cup of Earl Grey tea, without milk, at around 2pm every day.

I drink black coffee and like it strong.  I start the day with a large cup when I get up.  That one is 100% caffeine.  After that I'll have 2 more (all around 12oz cups), with less caffeine.  If I have a cup after 1:00pm, it will be fully decaffeinated.

My favorite coffee is Fair Trade Machu Picchu, though most Sumatran coffees work for me too.


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