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Re: yes, that would be interesting
« Reply #15 on: April 06, 2005, 12:23:10 PM »
Quote from:
i definately think it's the weight and other factors of the guitar that makes it sound good to begin with.

i do want to try this, but im scared that when i put it all back together it wont sound the same! silly i know, but wierd things happen!

also i think i may have just been very lucky & got a great sounding set of burstbuckers!

i have a nice 58 custom shop too, which at the moment has a BB 1 & 2 in it. again i need to test this out gigging, but i think i may go for a set of mules or stormy mondays.

this sounds closer to my std in terms or crunch & grind!

Don't be scared :twisted: -as long as you go slowly you won't damage anything-I swap pickups in and out of my LPs all the time and I can always get back to where I started no trouble.

BB's are very variable-I get sent a lot to rewind, change magnets etc and I see a huge difference in them.
The early ones weren't potted-'scream for me Donnington!'- the coil offsets are unusual in that the slug coils are hotter-some are barely offset at all and they feature  Alnico II magnets.
If you've got a good set of BBs, great, hold onto them although don't be afraid to experiment. The Black Dog bridge is definately hotter than any of the BBs and it's Alnico V too so will have alot more poke, darker mids and plenty of bite.

The Mules are my take on the early PAFs-I offset the coils, scatterwind them with 42 AWG plain enamel and use Alnico IV magnets. DC8.4K and 7.1K-the Alnico IV is certainly less syrupy than Alnico II and the bass is more defined too. When I've A/Bed against LP's with BBs in, the BB's always sound grainy in comparison-I defy anyone to try Alnico IV and not prefer it over Alnico II, it's beautiful!

Timber really does play a big part in the tone and combining the right pickup with the right timber is the trick . I make several variations on the Mule wind, different offsets and sometimes Alnico III for very bright guitars-Terry Morgan at Garric guitars likes these-or Alnico V for very dark LPs, it just pushes the highs a little better. Some of my '70 Customs are very dark and the A V Mules work a treat.

If in doubt call me and I can talk you through and find the best combination.
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