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Author Topic: A special combination (tele + strat)  (Read 655 times)


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A special combination (tele + strat)
« on: May 19, 2021, 01:22:14 AM »
Hey everyone!

Long time user - seldom poster but Iíve recently come across what I think is a pretty special combination and thought Iíd share.

For my first tele project I wanted a non twangy tele bridge pickup and Tim recommended Flat 50.

But I also wanted a strat neck because - strat neck, and Tim recommended a motherís milk (which Iíd had before in strats) obviously with the correct polarity.

It was good, but I found the flat 50 a little too fat and full - so Tim recommended Flat 52.

I swapped it out and also added a Freeway switch.


This is a genuinely great combination. The two pickups separately are great - the bridge it what I was after - kind of like a single coil Mule.

But paired together in the in between  sounds - this really feels special.

With the Freeway I get parallel and series wiring with both in and out of phase wiring (or Hoop in my case).

Each sound is really different but all are really useable and the two pickups blend together so well.  What I love best is the series in phase.  Itís  a really genuine sounding HB sound. Not too harsh in the highs or too muddy in the lows.  Itís like a HB got put right in the middle of the scratch plate.

I really do have 6 great sounds.

Anyway, thought Iíd share as Iíve been really quite blown away by what  Iíve found with this.

Hope it helps others!