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Author Topic: DC res. test part II...  (Read 1747 times)


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DC res. test part II...
« on: June 27, 2005, 07:10:23 AM »
Hello all...
- Wanted to relate some feedback from Tim in regard to testing  pickups for DC rez.-
 - He stated that temperature can garble readings, and that when warmed even by quick contact from one's fingers, DC rez.  numbers are raised...I was inspired to verify this-did the simple test again, this time 100% sure that :
1.the pickup was at room temperature-I keep the temperature and humidity at my shop/studio regulated , "guitar-friendly"
2.I made NO hand/finger contact with my Warpig!
-Lo, & behold, The reading came up 23.5, as you can see in the attached photo-I tried this test three separate times, on 3 different days, & am satisfied with the 23.5 reading...
-Tim also shed some light on how he does things in his reply, and if you are at all interested in this, and I think you must be, then scroll down and read his replies to my other post- ye'll be glad you did.
-I'm enjoying this forum, grateful for the interest and enthusiasm of  those similarly afflicted ( with terminal guitar obsession ) , and just learned some kewl stuff is good.-
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