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Author Topic: got my rebels-1st BK's  (Read 1050 times)


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got my rebels-1st BK's
« on: January 14, 2007, 04:38:26 AM »
now its official...a 2 week wait paid off-dropped the RY's in my Custom LP-wow!very dynamic/articulate...notes jump out of my Mark IV  boogie immediately-wonderful for palm muted runs..staccato the lp custom more of a standard tone,maybe-brightens it it more bite-it has the open quality of the pearly gates I played for yrs with more bite-gotta keep adjusting the neck pup..right now it sounds like a bad single coil..still getting ghost notes, so I am hoping it is too close/far away-every time I grabbed a screwdriver, I filpped her back on the bridge, so I must get focused
...couldn't help playing the rockin' riff from "eyes without a face" a few hundred times and bustin' an evil grin
-first pup I have dropped in that had such a noticeable + difference
-cheers to this forum for accurately describing the product
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