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Author Topic: More 'Knuckles ,wisdom from the Guru, & misc.Axegasms  (Read 1817 times)


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More 'Knuckles ,wisdom from the Guru, & misc.Axegasms
« on: July 01, 2005, 11:23:03 AM »
Just placed an order for a pair of "hot" 'Pigs...

 conferred w/Tim in regard to the hottest possible arrangement,
 & have taken the plunge for a pair of Warpig bridge pickups,
uncovered, with ceramic magnets -(thanks to Steve, too...)

-This arrangement is apparently "the bizness" for slack tuned metal  grind atrocities,  & I'm glad I was patient enough to wait for some feedback from the BK crew in regard to what they could do/what best suits my needs...

-Also carted a Nailbomb bridge, with the 'porn-tastic' cover for my old SG,
"the horned one"-Had to summon all inner strength to keep pressing the
Warpig button, but I wanted  to try another flavor, & have ultimately a selection of different BK pickups for my customers to try  before they buy-

-I have several projects coming off the bench in the interim, & anxiously await the arrival of this  juicy sonic swag...
-soundclips will follow, PROMISE!
-Wanted to thank the BK crew for the service, & elusive 'human' element...
unfortunately  as  hard to come by  as 'common sense' these days...
-YOU GUYS ROCK  in multiple departments!-
ringing the bell for virtual pints-of-joy all the way around...
-& now, back to work...
Drac @ Librium Guitars,DK
"If common sense is so common, where the hell is it?"