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Aftermath humbucker - BKP demo by Adam Getgood

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The long awaited Aftermath humbucker, fitted to a Daemoness guitar and demoed by Adam Getgood of Red Seas Fire.

[EDIT: Ol.]
If you arrived by via the newsletter, the Misha Mansoor Aftermath demo is here:

Very nice  :D Whats the spec of the coils and magnets Tim?

Bridge DC14.7K ceramic, neck DC11.5K Alnico - these are symmetrically wound to keep the mids focused and the magnets are specially calibrated to deliver a lot of power without choking the headroom. I think both Adam's and Misha's clip bring across perfectly what the Aftermath is all about - tight, focused grind which is adaptable enough for to let complex chords really breath and track fast riffing extremely accurately.

Awesome name and tone.

I will have to buy a calibrated set to check them out!


How would you compare it with the Cold Sweat bridge? Cold Sweat is my favorite neck pickup, but I just found out that the bridge version doesn't suit my taste. I think they would match nicely.


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