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Rebel Yell humbucker set -BKP demo by Steve Stevens

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Many thanks to Steve for taking time out to record a clean and dirty demo of the Rebel Yell humbucker set.
The clips were recorded with a LP standard direct into an 18w Roccaforte amp close miced with an SM57 mic for the dirty clip and direct to Protools for the clean.

omg why does it sound so damn GOOD>? If i had money i'd be having one of those and a LP from LGS!!

Sublime, I have to get a guitar with h/bs now.

Awesome  :twisted:

Any idea what mic pre Steve was using?

Ahhhh NUTS!
Now what! Cold Sweat,Mules,Rebel Yell. TOO MANY CHOICES!

And Painkiller to come, AGGGHHHH!

Although maybe not PK for my LP.


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