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Rebel Yell humbucker set -BKP demo by Steve Stevens

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 Amazing! Me waaaaant!!!

Anyone happen to have a clip of the 7-string model of the RY that they'd be willing to share here?  If it was in a mahogany bodied seven, that would be ideal.  Thanks!


That sounds awesome. I definitely want these!


--- Quote from: Twaddlefish on April 01, 2009, 07:53:24 AM ---It can help, but there's no need to boost it excessively, the have a real growl when you crank your amp. We recorded with my RYs last night, and it's amazing the different types of attack I can get with them. Simply amazing.

--- End quote ---

These pickups have real mojo and they sound like they were made for a fairly new solid body Les Paul Standard.  I get a great tone out of my Dual Rectifier running the red channel with the tone controls at noon except for presence (10:00) and gain (1:30 - 2:00).  I used to run the gain down at 12:00 but the Rebel Yells have such excellent note separation that I can pour on the gain and the tone is still crisp, defined, and clear.  Good times!  Now I run the gain on the high side and dial back the volume knob for crunch!


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