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Author Topic: Holydiver neck review  (Read 7456 times)


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Re: Holydiver neck review
« Reply #15 on: September 03, 2013, 01:01:21 PM »
Glad you're enjoyingh them, they really are great pickups. Overall, I probably prefer the Emerald in the neck but I like the fact that the Holydiver neck gives me something a bit different.

As for the Crawler question earlier, I agree with Kiichi that adjusting the pole pieces helps a lot. I have the treble side set to about 2mm from the string and the pole pieces are in their normal position. I then lowered the bass side of the pickup quite a bit but raised the pole pieces back up to 2mm. The result is that it's not quite as dark sounding anymore and has a bit more bite and articulation. I really thought that the Crawler wouldn't see as much service as my beloved Holydiver but I find I'm using it all the time. The Holydiver is certainly much better at Metal but for anything up to 80's Metal, the Crawler is absolutely superb.
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