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I haven't visited in a while. I seem to remember it being pretty busy all day long on here with lots of regular posters. Everybody moved on?

It has gotten very quiet.  When anything does get posted, the old names seem to answer, so we're all keeping an eye on the forum, but no one seems to have much to say at the minute. 

Yeah, been like this quite a while.. No longer the hip bar in town I guess!

Lotta questions about modern sounds these days, which I know little about. I should due to my age, but I donīt. I feel old...sides that single coils, which I only can talk about once I get some. Need more guitars.

Beyond that I am just kinda saturated with stuff. Donīt have the space for more. And my money and space flows into homebrewing.

 Craziest thing going on is that I might try to pull the RY set + IT out of my Ibby S, put the set in a LP, taking out the SH SM combo, and putting Crawler bridge, SH middle, and MQ neck in the Ibby. Dunno what happens to the current crawler axe though (IT middle, crawler neck in bridge, Mule neck? Dunno). So a lot of throwing things around really, seeing if I canīt optimise for a more layed back playing style.

Sides that I am checking things. Sometimes outbursts of action, but generally I just donīt feel like I have much to say. Anytime a proper review is posted I add it to the sticky though, that thing ainīt dying on my watch.

Could this be a "people donīt post cause people donīt post" kinda deal?

Dave Sloven:
There just aren't as many n00bs posting here asking for opinions.

They seem to use the FB (or perhaps even the new messaging system on the BK online shop) for that more these days


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