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Confused by tone capacitor wiring


Apologies for the total noob question here, but my searching is failing me.

Iíve watched a bunch of videos and read articles about basic guitar wiring. Iím going to wire a two humbucker, one tone, one volume setup.

On the Bare Knuckle website there is this wiring diagram:

It has the capacitor wired between the first lug of the volume pot (which also connects to the output of the 3 way switch) to the middle lug of the tone pot. The third lug of the tone pot is grounded.

A lot of the diagrams I see are like this one:

This has the capacitor wired to the third lug of the tone pot, between it and ground.

Is there a reason to do one over the other?


for me the 60s style and modern scheme are identical but they seem when rigorously they are not

FMPOV the 4 diagrams attached hereafter are identical.
I use the number 1 or 2 indifferently.
And I never noticed any notable differences


I would stick to the BKP version personally, try it and see, if you have any problems with it let me know.


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