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Merry Christmas 2020


Johnny Mac:
Merry Christmas 2020 if thatís possible!
15 years ago I joined this forum. I miss it. I loved it. I still think of it and all you
fantastic guitarists.
Where ever you all are and what ever youíre all doing, keep doing what you love
and look after your loved ones.
Iíve still got gas and I ainít even had any sprouts yet!
Iíve still got the big F off black Koch. Thatís 15 now too.
Itís got 6L6ís in now. Fender cleans.
Itíll be good to hear from some of you :-)

Johnny! Merry Christmas  :grin:

I've still got the GAS too. Bought four guitars this year...  :rolleyes:

Hi Johnny, Merry Christmas to you mate.  Haven't been here for ages and then when I do come, I see a message form you.  Warms the c--kles of my old heart.

Hey Johnny, I visited the forum after a recent exchange that you and I shared elsewhere. After the event I hope we all had great Christmas in our respective ways.

Good to see some old faces, it's been years since I was last here, too. Had a VH2 pickup fail the other day, and would have been the exact thing I'd have discussed with you fellas back in the day. Hope everyone is doing well, guitar and otherwise.

Edit: not sure where my avatar disappeared to, it'll be in the digital aether somewhere.... I'll save that trip down memory lane for another day


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