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Assistance with PRS 35th Anniversary wiring


Hi There.

I'm just in process of fitting a set of BKP's in to my new guitar. It's 35th Anniversary Custom 24. It has usual Master Volume, Master Tone, 3 way toggle and additionally for this model two mini toggles for independent coils splits for bridge and neck humbackers. I have decided to add some additional features such as Half-Out-of-Phase push pull activated with a tone knob and mute switch push pull activated with a volume knob.

As much as I'm okay with soldering iron, done some DIY pedals in past - I'm in no way an EE wiz so I need some help with the layout. I would like the bridge pickup doing the Half OoP thing as that will make cavity layout cleaner. Set of BKP that arrived to me has a magnet flipped in the neck as per Ben's recommendation - it's a bit confusing the hell out of me if the layout is correct or not - I can always flip it back to what it was if that's necessary. I would like the split to work as: neck - screw coil active, bridge - slug coil active - I know I have an error here but there is no way I can figure it out how to correct it.

I have already gutted my guitar and in process of shielding the whole cavity with copper foil and I really need some help to put this thing together. I will be supper grateful for any assistance.

Layout is made in DIYLC, I can email the source file - otherwise any input appreciated#

Pots used are CTS branded BKP's

Thank you

Timmy @tech support sorted me out.

Thank you


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