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What are we all listening to at the moment.

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:D Ok guys its about that time what are we all listening to at the moment.

For me it`s

Edguy - Rocket Ride & Hellfire Club [ Power Metal. German Band]
you can hear tracks

Brother Firetribe - False Metal [ European AOR ]
You can hear snippets from the album

Taz Taylor Band [ feat. Graham Bonnet] - Welcome To America  [ Old style melodic rock think Rainbow, MSG, UFO etc ]
Album Snipets hear
click on the Our Artists section, scroll down the left hand coloum untill you see the Taz Taylor Band name click onto it

 :D  8)

wow, a new thread which isn't an 'official' thread

i'm currently listening to the live Stereophonics album, Tired of Hanging Around by the Zutons and some songs by The Heights

Thelonious Monk - Live At The It Club

i cant remember what i listened to last..

i keep going through my music library and nothing is as bleak and dark as i feel right now... so i've been sitting here in silence for the past 5 hours.

Testament (All)
Blind Guardian (A Twist In The Myth)
Annihilator (First 3 albums)


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