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Title: Wiring questions and thoughts
Post by: Distortion_101 on April 19, 2020, 10:12:12 PM
Hey guys

My Ibanez SZ320 has 2 humbuckers (Dimarzio Air Zone and Air Norton), 2 vol (both 500k push pull for individual split), 1 tone (500k with .022 capacitor), 3 way Ibanez super switch. Middle position when split is hum cancelling (Slug Bridge, Screw Neck). I have it wired as attached, but I just need the diagram reviewed because of the below queries:

My Air Zone and Air Norton are quite dark and bassy pickups. There is minimal string separation, no treble in the neck at all, bridge isnt too bad but both of them have the most annoying smooth, fuzz like OD texture that I dont like. I can adjust my EQ as much as I want but i cannot EQ it out. These pickups are most likely the reason, high output and "air" tech makes it more rounded and respond more like weakened A5's or A2's).

But Im looking for reasons that wiring could be the cause before i look at new pickups again as this can get expensive. Wiring was done by my tech at the time (ill be wiring any new pickups when i get them)

My questions are as follows:

I have a extremely basic understanding of elctrical circuits but this just goes over my head cause i know small things can make a difference

Thanks for the help guys! I really appreciate the assistance

Current Wiring


Switch Wiring

Title: Re: Wiring questions and thoughts
Post by: Distortion_101 on April 24, 2020, 12:37:27 PM

Looking at this seymour duncan diagram, it looks like there are a couple of differences to how mine are currently wired:

1. The pickups ground and bare wire are wired to the switch instead of the ground
2. The tone pot is wired differently. In mine the Jack tip (hot) is wired to the middle lug of the tone pot, and the capacitor is wired from L3 to ground. On the SD diagram, the tip is wired to L3 and the capacitor is wired from L2 to ground.

Does this make a difference?