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Title: Flipping a juggernaut 7 bridge?
Post by: khoirus on February 16, 2020, 04:03:59 AM
Hi all,

i have a juggernaut 7 lying around that im thinking to put back in my skervesen raptor 7 (black limba, rosewood neck ebony board), currently using a dimarzio imperium, quite a decent pickup.

The guitar is nice, really nice, but it has one flaw, maybe due to preference, but the bridge pickup is too close to the bridge to my liking. This makes (i think) almost any pickup sounds very metallic, a bit too honky in the mids especially high mids, the attack is clanky, almost like a wah2 is on, when soloing, it sounds a bit compressed too. This was why i took out the jugg, it has a nice rhythm sounds, really chuggy, and has that twangy djent attack, really nice, but the mids (some people say, half c--ked wah tone) only adds to the problem when soloing, but when i recall back, its not so so bad, but it is annoying, it just felt very compressed and the attack feels stiff and clanky.

but, the split sound though, i cant tolerate. its just so harsh. no warmth left. its just very shouty and harsh in the mids and up. probably due to the position off the coil being closer to the bridge. because my other humbuckers, dont have this problem, if anything splitting the other pickups, solves the problem (its f***ing weird). The natural attack is back, its open, a bit warmer, and everything is so responsive, almost like the imaginary wah2 is turned off. made me think like by introducing a mid cut in the pickup (single coil/split tends to be midscooped) cures the overabundant of mids in this guitar and position issues. This is weird because the neck is fine. (fun fact: my suhr modern curly plus has this problem but the exact opposite, the neck is bright AF lol)

TLDR how does the jugg sound flipped? i heard that some humbuckers only mainly uses one side of the coil, and flipping them results in different tone (say like dimarzio d sonic, crunch lab etc or PAF). i like the rhythm sound but i know i hate the split, will this cure the split sound problem idk. but has anyone tried this?

or if you know or have any advice of any humbucker of ANY brand will be a good for this guitar? i hate to have to cut some wood. its a beauty.

oh ya, btw, the guitar doesnt have tone knob b4. i installed it now, but the problem still persist as i thought its a treble problem.

Best regards kind people  :wink:
Title: Re: Flipping a juggernaut 7 bridge?
Post by: ericsabbath on February 21, 2020, 02:54:49 PM
I think the juggernauts have twin coils, so it shouldn't make any difference

I'd try some other modern voiced model with a warmer response like the True Grit or the new Silo
Title: Re: Flipping a juggernaut 7 bridge?
Post by: Yellowjacket on February 21, 2020, 05:02:37 PM
So you want to flip the pickup so it taps the bridge pickup coil furthest from the bridge?

I think that guitar is likely designed for the very modern metal tone that is currently all the rage.  The stringy, upper mid focused tone that people affectionately refer to as a 'c0cked wah'. 

Maybe you need to try a bridge pickup that is the inverse of how the guitar sounds.
My Godin LG has huge low mids and a treble spike with a dip in the low treble and upper mids.  The Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell was the perfect medicine for that guitar as it tamed the lows from the guitar and filled in the upper mids.  Super awesome.

Like, Maybe try a Miracle Man?   
I have a Juggernaut set in my Ibanez RG and it sounds beefy, full, aggressive, and awesome.  Nothing like what you are talking about.  Buy the pickup that suits the guitar.  My $0.02. 
Title: Re: Flipping a juggernaut 7 bridge?
Post by: Dave Sloven on February 23, 2020, 02:32:03 AM
It is the slug coil (away from the bridge) that is active when tapped, so check that with a screwdriver (tap tap).  If not you might have installed the pickup back to front.  With twin screws it is easy to do.  Just remove the pickup and rotate it 180 degrees in the pickup surround.  The screw coil is the one with the pickup wire coming out of it.
Title: Re: Flipping a juggernaut 7 bridge?
Post by: khoirus on February 23, 2020, 07:39:18 PM
here's a reference for tone of that guitar, it is a nice sound. but playing heavy rhythm is not the only thing i love  :tongue:
Title: Re: Flipping a juggernaut 7 bridge?
Post by: khoirus on March 17, 2020, 07:22:23 PM

so i did flip the pickup around (dimarzio imperium), and its like what i hoped, IT WORKS!

the mid peak its still a little bit there, but the liveliness, the response, the dynamics etc are back. its like its not so 2D paper board sound anymore, it responds to your picking as it should now, the character of the pickup is still pretty much the same (deep bass, aggressive mids, warm treble) but its like the detail of the mids and dynamics are restored.

But as i feared, the nice split sound from before, is now suffer the same problem with the initial problem. Its harsh, metallic, and peaky now. its not so much as honky but brash, peaky high mids. To think of it, it sounds similar to the split sound of the jugg. But its fine, i actually kind of rarely using the bridge split. I more often using the neck split than the bridge split. I rather have the main humbucker working as it should than nice split but unusable bridge position.

Compared to the paf though, the imperium sounds pretty hot. maybe i can tweak the highs but i kinda worried cuz the jugg is even hotter and louder i think.

So for those who has a similar problem or has got an older skervesen, you might want to try this out. im glad this worked out, cuz i kinda dont wanna sell this guitar  :grin: