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Author Topic: One For The Guitar Builders - Any Anyone Else That Laughs In The Face Of Danger!  (Read 1347 times)


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I was cringing- having dealt with a claim today where someone had lost two fingers of such a machine!
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Afghan Dave

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Good lord that was scary and brilliant..  :o
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Philly Q

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That was amazing, especially since you have no idea what he's doing until the very end.

I was sh!tting myself all the way through, though.... reminded me of my woodwork teacher, Mr Brend, who lost at least three fingers in the last few years before he retired.  My dad almost lost a finger in a lawnmower, and when he went to Casualty old Brendo was there.  I guess he was there most of the time...  :?
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awesome video!

Hummm I suspect your teacher should know that you go growing your skills with time, but upon one age your body start to get not as responsive as you wish and you have to slow down the things...
Too bad he lost his fingers, this is really really bad...
I've almost cut the tip of my right thumb (or it enterely) when I was 19... I went work after got REALLY drunk the night before... so it was 7AM and I was a little drunk and big hangover... Went to the band saw and it went so near my thumb that I could feel the damn thing... :?

Johnny Mac

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That man has some great skills.

My Grandad was a carpenter and he cut his index finger off on his right hand, half way down. I used to be fascinated by it as a kid  :lol:
The poor sod, it must have been hard getting back to work in his trade without his most used digit.
I came close with a Stanley Knife, when I used to be a carpet fitter and heard what I did slice off hit the floor.
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one of my art teachers had a missing finger - he said it was from a mate spinning a bike wheel as he had his fingers in the way... which i always believed.

then a few years back a guy i knew lost his  finger taking a short cut over a wall with razor wire hidden on the other side.  He works in a school and i believe he started telling the kids it was from an accident with his bike... rather than a stupid drunken injury.   makes me wonder about the old art teacher :)

in his drunken state he actually took a photo of the seperate digit in the palm of his hand


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its a real risk working on a bicycle chain with it still mounted to the bike - seen lots of photos of nasty accidents

my old man lost the tips off several fingers in a bandsaw accident before i was born. he types much faster than me regardless!
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