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Author Topic: Aftermath Review - E standard, non djent  (Read 4549 times)


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Aftermath Review - E standard, non djent
« on: July 25, 2012, 08:20:40 AM »
Here is my review for the bridge Aftermath in E standard (sometimes drop D). The guitar is a Jackson PC-1: mahogany body, maple bolt on, maple fret board, Floyd, strung with 10-46s. Original bridge pickup was a Dimarzio Super 3. Killer guitar, but moving on… I didn’t see too many reviews regarding the Aftermath in E standard, especially reviews outside of the djentisphere, so here is my two cents!

First off, I read somewhere someone saying their AM sounded like it had a built in noise gate… and I would almost have to agree to some extent. Obviously it’s not like a real ass noise gate, but this pickup (and my Ceramic nailbomb too for that matter) is obscenely quiet and you can silence it instantly with good technique. Which brings me to my next point… The pickup is insanely tight, but if you are a sloppy player, you are really going to hear it. You can hear every little nuance of your playing. Anyways, there are lots of reviews about how tight it is, etc. I’m sure everyone knows that already.

On to the tone. I was skeptical, at best, about these in E standard for non djent/core, etc music. I like my metal a little more old school and don’t downtune, so I wasn’t sure if these were the right fit for me. After being thoroughly amazed by nailbombs (both alnico and ceramic), holy divers and rebel yells, I wanted to try something new and after much deliberation, chose the aftermath. On first impression, it was kind of “scratchy”… almost a weird pseudo distortion kind of to it, and sounds like an angry metal pickup. However, after setting it up properly and playing with it a few times there is no way I’m taking it out of this guitar, it sounds absolutely amazing. The spirit of this humbucker is certainly angrier and more pissed off sounding than a holy diver or nailbomb but it never creates anything unmusical. The tone is really nice and balanced, and also cuts through really nicely in E standard. Solos are great, reminiscent of a Holy diver in some ways, in that it kind of has a little bump in the mids, but rhythm playing is tight and chunky and very heavy sounding. A really well designed pickup, the tone sits exactly where it should for a distorted guitar. Less bass and mids than a super 3, but the output seemed almost similar and it certainly had more highs.

Bottom line is that these absolutely rule for metal. Yea they can make some clean or low gain tones, but other pickups got the AM beat in that department. If you use distortion, try these out. You’ll like them!

I give these pickups somewhere between a 9/10 and a 10/10 for both rhythm and lead playing (depends on my mood and what I'm playing) but only a 7.5/10 for clean.
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Re: Aftermath Review - E standard, non djent
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2012, 01:29:42 PM »
Great review dude. How versatile is the Aftermath? What does it sound like for classic rock, 80's rock, etc?
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Re: Aftermath Review - E standard, non djent
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2012, 04:01:53 PM »
I enjoyed the aftermath more in standard and Eb than I did in anything lower. I found it to be ok versatility wise but after the honeymoon period both times I just didn't gel with it. I prefer pickups voiced more like the miracle man.

The main thing I disliked was actually all fault of my own as my amp (SLO) is very upper mid based and my cab with v30s is also very upper mid based so it was pretty much an overload and could be very greating at times.

Fantastic pickup though and I imagine would work exceptionally well with something more scooped such as  a rectifier.
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Re: Aftermath Review - E standard, non djent
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2012, 04:38:03 PM »
Glad you enjoyed them man - i really like the pickup also-and like you, the lowest i go is drop D so was also pleasantly surprised at how it responded - happy  riffing!