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Author Topic: Rebel Yell review comparison with clips  (Read 3241 times)


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Rebel Yell review comparison with clips
« on: September 26, 2016, 05:14:07 PM »
I installed a Rebel Yell set in my Walnut Carvin a couple weeks ago and initially thought the bridge sounded ok, but I didn't feel it was hot enough. Well I have been playing it non-stop and its grown on me. Its seems to bring the goods in a metal context. I just needed to tweak my signal chain a bit to bring out the beast.

The Rebel Yell is a very articulate bridge pickup with lots of upper mid cut, bright and cutting highs and a present low end that stays pretty damn tight. There is a ton of character in the tone of the bridge and a good bit of snarl to the mids! It has a fair amount of bite in the highs without being harsh at all. The mids are punchy and the bass it round but tight. The bridge has a relatively warm open sound to it.

Compared to the Painkiller bridge I had in this guitar the RY is very similar to my ears in regards to the eq spectrum. However, the Painkiller has punchier upper mids and an even tighter/faster tracking low end response and highs that are even more open. In addition the PK is more saturated, pushes the amp harder, yields phenomenal pick attack and just sounds more aggressive and pissed off at the world. Go figure right, its triple ceramic vs. Alnico V. There's just this crunch in the mids of the Painkiller that is so addictive, and the way it punishes the front end of my amps to pure submission is just awesome!

I also had a Dimarzio Dominion in this guitar and the Rebel Yell smokes it in every way IMHO; we all know that opinions on gear are subjective here so..... The RY is more articulate, has punchier and more aggressive mids, and is as tight if not tighter in low end response.

All and all I really like the Rebel Yell Bridge for the heavier side of things. It has enough output, growl, and mid cut to work for most any metal.
As for the neck, I really don't play leads so I can't comment on it really. I may just sell the neck to fund another Bare knuckle bridge model

I still prefer the Painkiller over all other pickups to date :evil:

Here's a little clip I did with the Rebel Yell yesterday real Savage like.  As per always, excuse the slop and ....ty recording.

This is the Painkiller_guitar straight into an Savage 120

This is the Painkiller_guitar straight into an Savage 120

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Re: Rebel Yell review comparison with clips
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2016, 12:25:48 AM »
The RY is very sensitive for the height. Maybe you've been trough different degrees, but when not, it's good to tweak a bit.
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