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Author Topic: Fully produced track featuring VHII neck throughout the whole song  (Read 580 times)


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Hi BKP friends, here`s my new fully produced video featuring VHII neck. It features the neck pickup throughout the whole song. Hope you like it and thanks for watching. Thanks for the support!

Gear used: Warmoth Telecaster with CS/VHII neck, Orange TH30 with Wampler Sovereign and TC Electronic Flashback through Two Notes Torpedo Live with Ownhammer Orange cab sim.

Dean Cadillac - Emerald (b), Cold Sweat (n),
Mayones Flame CS2000 - Miracle Man (b), Sinner (m), Aftermath (n)
Warmoth Custom Telecaster - Cold Sweat (b) VHII (n)
Warmoth Custom Tele - Miracle Man set