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Pickups / Re: Nailbomb series/parallel (input appreciated)......
« Last post by darrenw5094 on January 12, 2022, 09:29:37 PM »
Vintage with power is the Abraxas. The mule is brighter, but not as full sounding in the mids. But the mule does saturate nicely with a dose of overdrive too.
Pickups / Re: Nailbomb series/parallel (input appreciated)......
« Last post by Yellowjacket on January 12, 2022, 05:55:40 PM »
Who knew that, 10 years later, this post would be of use to someone.


I was considering putting mules or mule neck / riff raff bridge in my Les Paul. It currently has a Rebel Yell N and an A-Bomb bridge.
As much as I really like these pickups in this guitar, I was bewitched by Mothers Milk pickups in my Strat and I got to thinking: these vintage pickups are so sweet and overdrive nicely.   Would Mules have a similar quality of sound?  My tech really seems to like Mules in a Les Paul and he recommended the Mother's Milk for my strat and I LOVE THOSE!! 


Then, I also like having high output pickups to really drive my more vintage voiced amp.  The Electra Dyne just needs to be agitated to perform it's best, especially for more raunchy tones. 

But, when I started recording some more classic / vintage tones, I found that the A-Bomb in particular was just pushing a bit too hard.   I've rolled back the volume knob a bit and it's helped but yeah, just not the same.  So.  I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do then I thought about series parallel wiring with push pull pots.  When I did a google search on the subject, lo and behold, this post shows up. 
This is exactly what I am after.  Being able to downshift to a less aggressive and more classic P-90 kind of tone.  This is far preferable, right now, to getting another LP and putting mules in it.  (I may do the latter when COVID is in the rear view mirror and things are more stable financially)

But.  Here's the rub.  I didn't think ahead and I ordered my A-Bomb with braided 2 conductor wiring and I need the pickup modified for the new wiring configuration.  All out, it costs the same to get 4 conductor wiring on my current pickup or to order a new A-Bomb with 4 conductor wiring from the local git shop and then sell the old one.  Just trying to decide what is the better option here.

Basically, if I order a replacement A-Bomb I won't be out more than a couple of days for playing time on the guitar vs at least 1 month to get the current pickup wired.  But I also understand that each pickup is somewhat unique.  I could like the new one more, the same, or maybe even less.. 
I struggle with decision paralysis at the best of times but here, there is really no clear option.  Either situation is roughly the same.  Hence the indecision. 

I am not against input from people but I realize that ultimately, I'll just have to make a call here.  But yeah.  This will be exciting once I put the plan in motion.

Thanks so much for your review from 10 years ago, it really helped me. 
I can comment a bit on this in part.
I haven't tried the Abasi Fluence pickups but I have tried fishman fluence pickups.  I'd say the feel is 'different' than with traditional pickups.
I had a conversation with Tosin about this -after an AAL show- and he commented on how he likes the Juggernaut tone for distortion but not for clean tones.
He was talking about transients, tightness, clarity, response, etc.  I think if playing in his style or a style similar to his, his pickups are a great option.

Now.  I have experience with Juggernauts.  I like them for the reasons that Misha likes them:  They are tight with great clarity, but they also don't get overly shrill for lead tones.  Cleans are VERY good, for a traditional pickup, even on the bridge pickup.  But I don't do the same kind of playing that Tosin does, so my needs are different.

I have the Juggernaut pickups in two different guitars.

1 is a 6 string bolt on strat style super strat.  It has a schaller locking trem system with an after market brass block.  The guitar is strat voiced but more on the dark side.  So, brighter than a Les Paul, but darker than an Ibanez RG.  The Juggernauts sound dark and huge in this guitar.

I don't have a clean sample on hand but I'd say they're warm and buttery.  I played an Ibanez superstrat with BKP Aftermaths and it occurred to me that the aftermath set would be an equal or better option for this particular guitar.

The other guitar is an Ibanez RG7421 with a hipshot FP bridge.  This guitar is the brightest of bright guitars with lots of twang in the tone.
The pickups sound full and balanced with more cut in the upper mids.  For this one I happen to have a clip with cleans and with dirt.

and some metal tones:

My personal opinion is this:  Listen to the acoustic tone of your guitar.  Try to class it from bright to dark.  In my experience, the brighter the guitar, the better the Juggernauts will work.  But that's just my taste.  I like a guitar where the pickups complement and enhance the natural tone of the instrument. 

 For me, the Juggernaut set is basically the perfect pickups for this 7 string guitar and it really nails the exact kind of metal tone I am after. 

So yeah.  I'd say if your guitar is very bright and attacky when unplugged, I'd go with juggernauts. If it's darker, perhaps Silos would be the better choice.  Either way, I think you can't go wrong. 
Pickups / Re: Versatile bridge humbucker for a Strandberg Boden
« Last post by Dave Sloven on January 12, 2022, 01:22:38 PM »
With the ceramic magnets the top end can be a bit much unless the guitar is very dark.

I have two of the alnico ones and a ceramic one and the alnico one is nice a tight although it does have some purr in the low mids, with a rounded off top end that is really nice.

I also have a couple of Impulses and they have a bottom end equally as tight as the ceramic Black Hawk, less low mids but with the rounded off top end of the alnico Black Hawk, but the output of the Impulse is only 75% or so that of the two Black Hawks.  The output of the Impulse is in the ballpark of the Silo, Polymath, Juggernaut, Rebel Yell, etc.  The Black Hawk is more like the War Pig.

The neck pickup in the Black Hawk set is flutey and rounded whereas the Impulse neck is more chimey and Stratty.

Both work well in standard tunings and low tunings.  I have used the Impulse in guitars tuned as low as Ab standard and Black Hawks down to C standard.  In both cases 25.5" scale
Pickups / Re: Versatile bridge humbucker for a Strandberg Boden
« Last post by aieos on January 12, 2022, 11:28:00 AM »
I have a set of BlackHawks with A5 magnets installed in my Strandberg Original 6. The overall sound is modern, with smooth highs and a slight low-mid emphasis. The chord clarity is there with these pickups, in my opinion the clean sound is good, single notes are defined have weight and a thickness to them.

Swapping the A5 for ceramic magnets would probably trade some of the smoothness for the upper-mids/ high aggressiveness that you mentioned.

Maybe an option to consider.
Pickups / Re: Versatile bridge humbucker for a Strandberg Boden
« Last post by Chris Rowberry on January 11, 2022, 10:34:03 AM »

The Polymath will be more precise and brighter in comparison to the Silo. The Silo will have a more classic rock/metal vibe. Going by your description I would recommend the Polymath but another you could consider too would be Ceramic Nailbomb.
The Dressing Room / Re: What are we all listening to at the moment.
« Last post by haiduk on January 08, 2022, 09:00:04 PM »
Pickups / Versatile bridge humbucker for a Strandberg Boden
« Last post by nero321 on January 08, 2022, 07:26:52 PM »
I have a Strandberg Boden Fusion 6 string that I want to take into progressive metal territory and was hoping for some pickup suggestions.
This guitar has a chamberd alder body, a rosewood fretboard, it currently has an SSV+ in the bridge and SSV in the neck, and I'd like to replace the bridge pickup because it feels too weak to me. (I'm considering getting a full set anyway)

The bridge pickup should do rhythm metal that is aggresive and with good clarity on chords and maybe a bit of sharpness on the upper mids or highs to make it sound mean. (I'm not that informed in the EQ game so I might be saying stuff that doesn't make sense)
It should also have a nice lead tone with sustain that is not so harsh that it cuts your skull in half.
Lead tones should also still hold up under a bit less gain with nice responsive picking dynamics.
Cleans should be nice, clean tones I like are Petrucci and Andy Timmons, but I know most of the credit has to go to their amps, anyway I'm not so picky on it, just has to be good stuff  :smiley:
I will play mostly in E standard but will go down at most to drop C from time to time.

the Silo and the Polymath caught my eye, any input on how to decide which one I should get?
I'm open to other suggestions if there is something else that can suit me.

Thanks! :azn:
Pickups / Re: Bridge pickup for Jackson Dinky
« Last post by nfe on January 07, 2022, 02:30:47 PM »
Hey nfe, nice to see you around here again! What ended up happening with the B2?

Thanks, man. Nothing, unfortunately. I've lots of alerts set up and all the local music shops know me but no one has ever tried to sell it on anywhere publicly. A bar-steward.

Eventually got myself into a position where I could afford another right when Doug took orders for a few 20th anniversary ones so got money down on one of those. Let's be honest the prices are wild but I pine for that guitar near daily so bugger it.

Thanks for the suggestions (likewise to Dave above!) and, since we've not interacted in a few years, congrats on everything you've managed to do in the interim. Can't stop seeing GGD stuff everywhere!
Pickups / Re: Bridge pickup for Jackson Dinky
« Last post by Nolly on January 07, 2022, 01:16:52 PM »
Hey nfe, nice to see you around here again! What ended up happening with the B2?
Yep, the Black Hawks could be cool (ceramic bridge), but I'd say the Ragnarok could be ideal, so could the Brute Forces, or alternatively you could take a different angle and drop down to the True Grits for a tight, clear and bright tone with a different dynamic to what you've had in the past. With thick strings like that the output will still be very usable for the styles you play.
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