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Pickups / Re: The Crawler in a strat short review.
« Last post by schneidas on Today at 06:15:47 PM »
Interesting, I was considering the Crawler bridge for a 1-piece Mahogany Strat with Maple neck but I'm a bit scared that it is not snappy enough or lacks a bit of brightness.
Do you feel it's a touch too warm?
Pickups / Re: Holy Diver versus Cold Sweat neck pickups with Miracle Man bridge?
« Last post by Dave Sloven on November 21, 2020, 03:38:18 AM »
Cool, thanks.  I've been curious about the Holy Diver set but mainly the neck as a possible match for my MM in the SG.

I know that the CS bridge would be easier to sell as a set with the CS neck - or I could possibly put them in another guitar as a set - so I was wondering if the MM / HD combo might be nice in the SG.  I have found that once you move the neck pickup up to balance better with the MM the characteristics of the CS neck that I found a bit strident for the SG are more so, and thought the HD might be more mellow at a similar height
Pickups / Re: Holy Diver versus Cold Sweat neck pickups with Miracle Man bridge?
« Last post by darkbluemurder on November 20, 2020, 09:30:00 AM »
Any thoughts on how the Holy Diver neck compares to the Cold Sweat neck, and whether the Holy Diver neck matches well with the Miracle Man bridge?  I'm happy with the Miracle Man but this is a fussy guitar, having tried an alnico Nailbomb and a Cold Sweat bridge in it before getting it right with the MM.

I had both in the same guitar. HD neck has less bass and is a bit brighter than the CS neck, even though it may only appear to be brighter because it has less low end. Of those two I clearly prefer the HD neck, even though I had excellent results with the CS neck in two different guitars (a PRS Custom with 24 frets and a very bright guitar with 22 frets). So if you want the CS neck tone but with more clarity, HD neck is a fine choice. Abraxas neck would be an alternative for a more vintage type tone.

As the strings vibrate less in the bridge and more in the neck position, the neck pickup can be weaker in raw output and still match well with a hotter bridge pickup.

Cheers Stephan
Pickups / Another magical Strat combo found
« Last post by fdesalvo on November 18, 2020, 05:03:34 PM »
On a whim I installed a 63 Veneer neck pickup into my Strat loaded with 59/s.  INCREDIBLE!  The slightly smokier 63 brings out the best in this particular guitar, while mating extremely well with the middle.  The quack is even more pronounced and vibrant.  Love the chewiness of the 63 neck, but preferred the 59's in the other positions.  Pure Strat magic!
Pickups / Re: Black Dog in a non-Les Paul?
« Last post by Dave Sloven on November 18, 2020, 01:23:28 AM »
I have a set of BlackDogs in a Charvel Super Strat. It works well, especially as they clean up so well. But it is a tad bright (which I like generally) so if I had the choice again, I'd probably go for something a bit thicker in that guitar.

I meant 'Vintage Hot'
Pickups / Re: Black Dog in a non-Les Paul?
« Last post by hunter on November 17, 2020, 10:24:15 PM »
Time Out / Re: My first back headphones
« Last post by gaspar.molenie on November 17, 2020, 01:15:17 PM »
I have loved my Grado SR 80s for over a decade. They are very fun and lively, are easy to drive, do not need an amp and are at the bottom of your price range.
I have the alnico Black Hawk set and the Impulse set (among others), also the ceramic Black Hawk.

The low mids thing is typical of a Black Hawk.

I found that the Impulse lacks this and has a tighter low end. It lacks the high end of the ceramic Black Hawk and Miracle Man.  I would say that the high end is similar to that of the alnico Black Hawk.

I think the extra high end you are experiencing might be due in part to the woods.  There is certainly more top end with a ceramic magnet and I would be surprised if the Painkiller has less.
Hi all.

Have a custom axe being built by the awesome folks at Balaguer Guitars. Basically it's designed to be usable for all genres of music (single coils in the middle and neck), but geared specifically toward my djent-ish/prog-ish metal band. The body wood is going to be korina with a maple neck and fretboard and I'm hoping to find a pickup where my picking hand dynamics can coax both contemporary single-string modern metal sounds out as well as some more vintage, 90s groove metal/80s thrash stuff as well.

I've got Black Hawks in my Schecter KM-7 (ash body, maple neck, ebony fretboard) and I dig 'em. They're a big step up from other pickups I've used, such as the DiMarzio Titan 7 or Ionizer or Duncan Nazgul or Pegasus. Being the alnico version in the bridge, however, there's a small degree of low-mid graininess that I'm not a huge fan of, and maybe a little more presence on the top end than I'm used to (that could be the body/neck woods talking).

As for amps, I use a variety. Revv G20 is my go-to for gigs and Axe II for recording. For non-extreme metal purposes, an '83 Marshall JCM 800, '71 Super Bass and '65 Bassman.

I've found myself drawn pretty heavily toward the trifecta of the Painkiller/Nailbomb/Miracle Man, leaning pretty heavily toward the Painkiller due to its upper mid response and perceived versatility. The sound clips lead me to believe it checks off a lot of the boxes referenced above - plenty articulate and aggressive - while also seeming quite balanced. Not very interested in Aftermaths, the Misha custom models or Warpig.

Anybody have experience with similar tonewoods and needs? Cheers and thanks to all who helped with my last pickup recommendation!
Pickups / Re: Pickup recommendations for Mayones Regius
« Last post by RobAbrams84 on November 16, 2020, 07:39:23 AM »

Diver is a good choice as well. Let us know if you're satisfied.

Will do, though I think it'll be a month or so before they arrive.
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