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Author Topic: Apaches AND Slowhands  (Read 998 times)


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Apaches AND Slowhands
« on: December 13, 2008, 08:20:57 PM »
I was tempted to call this topic Apaches versus Slowhands but I won't because it's not really a competition.

I have a Strat with Apaches that sound wonderful. Very clear and 50's.

A friend has an old japanese Squier strat as his sole electric. He wants to swap his pickups and I suggested BKPs.
The thing is he wants a versatile set. I normally play Gibsons so I wanted my Start to sound as pure a possible but in his case he wants a Strat that could morph if needed.

I was thinking a set os Slowhands.... What do you think??

Any feedback would really appreciated.

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Re: Apaches AND Slowhands
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2008, 08:25:23 PM »
Old Japanese Squier Strat normally means basswood - basswood means pronounced mid range and thus slowhands are ruled out in my books.  My JV Squier came alive when I swapped the apaches in my 60s reissue Fender Strat (alder) with the Mothers Milks in the JV.  The same thing vice versa.

So I would go apaches - the Alnico III is made more gutsy by the pronounced mids of basswood.
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