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Author Topic: new pic of my fusion  (Read 1262 times)


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new pic of my fusion
« on: November 06, 2005, 11:17:24 AM »
so, since i still dont have a neck pickup (and wont this year most likely) i decided to pull some things from the guitar..

so i took out the tone pot, since it's in a weird position for me to use and pulled out the blade switch (since i HATE blade switches - and it was also in a bit of a cumbersome position) only left the mini switch in it, which i'm going to either use to split the bridge bucker, in pair with another switch at the position of the old tone pot, to switch between the pickups, or whatever i'll think of when i have the pups.

sooo... the holes there look a bit ugly.. soooo, the blade switch so conviniently points to the volume pot, so why not put an arrow sticker over it? :D

and while i'm at it, cover the neck pickup hole with one too hehe.. it doesnt fit THAT much, but it looks SO 80's. once i have the set of pups to go in, the neck sticker will go out, but i think the switch sticker will stay. i like it.. puts a bit of irony in the play :D

here's the pic (the tone pot hole still has some electrical tape on it, and these arent stickers yet, just bits of print outs to check the size and all)