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Author Topic: My Hackman amp - almost ready!  (Read 1479 times)


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My Hackman amp - almost ready!
« on: December 06, 2005, 08:46:16 PM »
This is the box of my Hackman combo. It's a prototype amp because it has two channels of the Diezel VH4S (1st and 3rd + solo mode) modified for a class-A EL84 power section (EDIT: I don't know whether it's class A or cathode biased, I simply wanted that the tubes would work really hard and the cleans would be really pure - well, the amp sounded like that ;)). The amp will be hopefully ready next week. I tried the head part today, and couldn't believe my ears, although Hackman told me the sound was only about 80% ready and he needed to continue finetuning it... that amp had something extra in its sound and feel that no other amp I've tried or heard had. This prototype had what I was missing in the Diezel VH4S: the cleans were heavenly, and the overdrive was something really unique, lively and organic, while both channels had that modern tonality of the Diezel.

Here are some pics of the box:

The pictures are unfortunately low-quality... The covering is that black woolly textile something that's found on a lot of bass cabs (sorry I don't know the English word for it). The front is black acoustic foam with piping. The cab is closed-back, it has internal damping and there's a bass reflex opening below the speaker. The reverb tank will be suspended somehow and isolated from the rest of the cab. Some corner covers and the handle are still missing.

I'll post pics, a more detailed review, and possibly a few clips of the amp when it's ready, with some info about the builder himself. ;)