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Author Topic: Pickupring problem with my BKP MM.need some advice + a little review of my MM=)  (Read 1616 times)


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Hey guys.. i got my BKP Miracle Man Bridge last friday. I use it in combination with a Bill Lawrence 500r in neck with push/pull single coil split on tone. ive was a heavy Seymour Duncans,EMG and Bill Lawrence user before i got this Miracle Man as Tim advised me to buy.

But first, i got an issue with my pickup ring. I have a ESP Eclipse II, and the pickupring doesnt fit to the Miracle man. Do anybody know what kind of pickupring thats fits a Covered Battleworn Miracle Man??? The pickupring needs to be curved, cause of the shape of my guitar.

Short review:

Ive contacted BKP and Tim to help me out with a pickup that fits my style well. He suggested Miracle Man(+ 2 550ohm vol ,1 550ohm tone push/pull and a Jensen 0.22 cap. Shipping to Norway was inrediable fast!! the same day as the package was shipped, it was in Norway the same day! thats i very big + in my book.(customs in Norway are a ĝittle slow,but that has nothing with BKP to do). I soldered it myself. Its my first soldering, and it works excellent. The pickup itself looks just as i wanted. The battleworn cover its a good match with my other hardware and my quilted top.

 THE PACKAGE ITSELF: The containt was a BKP pickup, some brochure`s,warranty, Rotosound string(my favourite`s. ive tried 10 different string sets from different manufactors the last months, and Rotosound its the best overall for me), installation brochure`s and then the Pickup itself. ecxellent packed! Its like eyecandy=)


Well, as i mention earlier, im a heavy SD, EMG and Bill L user. In this guitar, i swapped out the SD JB with a BKP MM, and the sound difference is HUGE! compared to other pups, this is something different. The tone is incredible crystal clear! And there is NO hum noise even on full gain. i thougth ive soldered it wrong, but there is NO noise at all. That itslef is just amazing. For my style(think pantera, pre black album metallica, ozzy, EVH, Satriani etc) this pickup is simply the king. It can also handle late 60`s -70`rock/hard rock as led zep,hendrix,zappa etc very well. WAY more versatile than i expected.  Riffing with MM is a pleasure. its very thight. very thigth. You can hear all notes in a chord very well. Playing solo on this is like,,hmm.. well, its not easy to explain sound, but i say like this:

Im a changed man. BKP is somehing of the best pickups that money can buy. I had a WCR set in another guitar, but BKP is easily on the throne.  Its actually much more than i ever expected. So now, there will not be any other brand for me than BKP. Its simply delivers!

I can strongly recommed new buyers to contact BKP or Tim, and explain what specs you have on your guitar, and what kind of tone you are chasing. He hit the nail with me=)

Thanks to BKP and Tim for exellecent customer services, and for the incrediable pickups you got! Its simply Earporn!


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I wasn't aware that there are different pickup rings - I thought they were all the same size. That sounds very odd.

Anyway, yes, Eclipse + MM = dream metal guitar. ESP should consider this the standard in the future.
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ok. u thought i just should ask since im not buying pickuprings everyday=) i think that prev owner used a straight one instead or a curved one.

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Maybe have a look at the pickup rings that Gibson sell for Les Pauls etc.  I think they are flat on the bottom but they flex to fit the surface.  Some others, like SD Triple Shots, have a curve cut into the bottom and don't flex


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Hey, RosettaStoned, I got a MM7 bridge with battleworn covers about a year ago for my BC rich and had the same problem. I don't know if it's just the MM or what, all of my other BKPs fit into their respective guitars, no problem. To fix it, I had to take pretty drastic measures, namely taking a rasp and filing off a lot of the inner part of the pickup rings (they were plastic). It took some patience and some elbow grease, but it did work. Obviously it doesn't look as clean as an unmodified ring, but I think it goes pretty well with the battleworn covers (from a few feet away though, you can't even tell). If you're still having trouble finding pickup rings that work for you, it might be worth a shot.
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