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Author Topic: Looking at Furman Power Conditioners? Don't know which one  (Read 1151 times)


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Looking at Furman Power Conditioners? Don't know which one
« on: November 24, 2014, 02:49:53 PM »
Ok, I do apologise if this is a long post, and contains multiple links. I just want to make sure I get all the right info.

To start off, I'm looking for a power conditioner to run my rig. Live, it will only consist of an Axe Fx II XL, MFC0-101 Floorboard, and a Matrix GT1000FX Power Amp. So basically only 2 power sockets are needed. This is were it get's confusing. Originally I thought that maybe just going for an AC-210 A E by Furman may do the trick:

I can get this for around the 150 from Thomann. But when I emailed Furman they recommended the Classic Series. I got more thinking that having more power outlets may be beneficial incase my rig ever gets bigger. And the entry model is only 40 more than the portable 2-socket one I linked above.

Now the Classic Series has 3 models ranging from 190 - 450. In order they are PL-8 C E, PL-PLUS C E, and PL-PRO DMC E. When researching these 3, the only difference between the models are the cheaper 2 have a 10Amp rating, whilst the more expensive one has a 16Amp rating. The only other differences is that the more expensive 2 have a USB port which I don't care for, and the more expensive one has a Digital Votmeter, and the mid-priced has an LED Voltmeter.

Judging by this, all I'm paying for is having a Voltmeter on the front, which is hardly worth paying 100-200 extra for in my eyes.

So really, it all comes down to whether I'll be fine with a 10Amp Power Conditioner, or I should get the 16Amp one?

My other reason for getting the rack mounted conditioner, was the fact I thought I could plug my gaming/studio PC in, as well all my other electricals for convenience, when using at home.


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Here are the 3 Power Conditioners, starting from the cheapest:

Thanks for reading :)
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