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Author Topic: Possible to convert Ibanez' 5-way HH switching to standard switch?  (Read 1104 times)


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I love the Ibanez 5 way switching system for their HH guitars but I hate the feel of the lame import switches. I know that Ibanez uses a proprietary COR-TEK 2502N switch, which has a different internal layout from a standard 5-way import switch.

I've been able to replicate the switching scheme for the most part by using a 5-way super switch, but those come with their own issues such as typically popping when moving through positions, taking up a ton of space in the control cavity and being rather expensive.

I've tried wiring up a standard (CRL) switch by converting the pin out from a normal import switch in an attempt to replicate the Ibanez switching and it just fails miserably. Nowhere close.

Is there really no way to make this work?? Is my next step to start buying Schaller Megaswitches?