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Author Topic: Help - intermittent loss of output.  (Read 1019 times)


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Help - intermittent loss of output.
« on: August 14, 2017, 03:20:08 PM »
Hi Folks, I have an Abraxas set installed in a PRS Bernie Marsden. I don't do any electrical work myself. A while back I started having problems with the neck pickup. It would lose power, cut in and out and make a crackling noise. I thought it might be the selector switch. I took it to a tech (not my normal guy - he wasn't available) who couldn't find a problem, cleaned the switch and it appeared to be okay.

A couple of months later the problem re-appeared sort of. I wasn't getting the cutting in and out but the pickup was obviously sometimes losing output. I opened up the back of the volume/tone controls waggled a few wires about and it started working okay. I held the wires in place with gaffer tape. This would last for a while but then the problem would re-appear.

I took it to the tech who fitted the pickups. He checked his wiring and said it was okay. He thought it could be the back of one of the pots touching the insulating paint in the cavity and causing a short. He fitted a washer to keep them from touching and this appeared to do the trick but not for long. It's still occasionally losing power - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Any ideas ? I will be very grateful for any help in solving this.

I've just opened the control cavity again to spray some compressed air around and noticed this. The tone pot (guitar has only one tone control) has two little thingies that stick out of it at around the 8 and 10 o'clock position. If I touch the 10 o'clock one with my screwdriver I get a loud buzz. Nothing happens when I touch the other one. Could this be significant ?
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