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Author Topic: Direct pickup mounting vs scratch plate, nutsert things, and FU Tone PMS  (Read 911 times)


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Hello folks. I notice tapping my pickguard can be pretty noisy/ringy with high gain on this guitar compared to some of my others (it's the one in my avatar), and wondered if it'd reduce a bit by direct mounting my Nailbomb. Might also tighten it up in general for heavy riffage being direct mount too. So anyone know where I can get any 3-48 nutserts (screw/hammer in things to mounting the wood)? So I can then screw the Nailbomb onto the guitar and adjust height using screws straight into the body with the thread filed off just under the head (so I don't have to destroy the pickup baseplate thread).

Also I have pondered if it'll take a lot of buggering about trying to course them if I could just get an FU tone Pickup Mounting System brass block direct mounting thing for 49 and mod it, as I need to move the mounting holes out wide as that area is hollow in this guitar. Anyone tried one? I know where to get one from in the UK, and I guess that'll be more solid with the big allen bolt supporting the back of the pickup.


P.S. I only care about the Nailbomb for this as I tend to be doing other stuff with the other pickups that's not as high gain, and who knows, I may lose some 'vintage' vibe if I direct mounted the mothers milk - I'm already anal/daft enough to have it change pickup loading when on the single coil.
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