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Author Topic: Miracle Man Set (both bridge and neck) doing some bluesy hard rock (new song)  (Read 610 times)


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Hi BKP friends! Hope everyone`s doing wonderfully well!

I would like to present my newest song 'Time' featuring my favorite Miracle Man Set. As Miracle Man is mostly associated with heavy music, I would like to show that it`s quite versatile and can do some bluesy hard rock as well. Both neck and bridge models playing lead parts. Thanks for watching.

Gear used: Custom Warmoth Telecaster with BKP Miracle Man (set),  Orange TH30 with Wampler Plexidrive and TC Electronic Flashback through Two Notes Torpedo Live (Ownhammer Orange 2x12 and Heavy Hitters II IRs), Akai MPC Touch, Panasonic FZ2000

Dean Cadillac - Emerald (b), Cold Sweat (n),
Mayones Flame CS2000 - Miracle Man (b), Sinner (m), Aftermath (n)
Warmoth Custom Telecaster - Cold Sweat (b) VHII (n)
Warmoth Custom Tele - Miracle Man set