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Author Topic: Impulse in a Mayones Regius 6?  (Read 625 times)


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Impulse in a Mayones Regius 6?
« on: June 22, 2019, 06:28:03 PM »
Hi all,

After a little bit of pickup advice from you knowledgable folks.

I'm about to order a Mayones Regius 6 string.  Specs will be pretty standard (25.4 inch scale, mostly maple neck-through, maple top, Hipshot bridge, stainless steel frets, likely mahogany wings but maybe swamp ash).  I'll only be tuning down to D or C# standard.  I play mostly metal, but can't stress enough how important a good clean tone is on the neck.  Not a lead player at all so that's not much of a concern.  I like big mid-forward tones and I'm more concerned with it being a big and musical tone rather than ultimate metal tightness.  I've got Aftermaths and EMG's in other guitars for that.

I have a 7 string Regius with a ceramic Black Hawk set that I absolutely love the tone of, and I'm tempted to just order it with the alnico version for a little bit of a different flavour, but it seems a shame to go for something so similar. 

I also keep on getting tempted by the Impulse set in the hopes that it's a bit more versatile but similar to the Black Hawk (making this assumption on the blade design but really that's not to say they necessarily sound anything alike).  I know the marketing write-up states they're designed for low tuners or baritone users (not me) and the EQ chart scares me a little as it looks a little scooped.  These 2 things are pretty big worries.

So, has anyone tried the Impulse in a similar guitar or can compare it to the Black Hawks in close to standard tuning?  Any other sets that would be recommended? 

Part of me really wants to just go for a Black Dog/VHII combo but I've got another Mayones 7 that I'm planning on putting that set in to as the BD works so well for 7 strings, apparently.

Dave Sloven

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Re: Impulse in a Mayones Regius 6?
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 12:17:38 PM »
I think the bridge Impulse is a lot like the alnico Black Hawk but with less mids and a tighter bottom end, generally lower output.  I've seen videos of it in normal tunings (D or higher) in 24.75" scale guitars (this one was a Les Paul) where it sounded great.  The neck is very musical, I would be really surprised if you didn't like it.

An Impulse set would be my next BKP purchase.  My last was an A-Hawk set and I love it.
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Re: Impulse in a Mayones Regius 6?
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2019, 09:36:14 PM »
How about true grits?
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