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Author Topic: Looking for a pickup choice (either HSS or HH)  (Read 392 times)


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Looking for a pickup choice (either HSS or HH)
« on: October 27, 2019, 12:08:51 AM »
Hi all,

Been ages since I've been on here!

I'm planning on taking the plunge and going to University next year to study music. I just thought I'd add that my youth has primarily been metal music and I will still always play it, so I have a guitar for that to take to cover those tones.

I am intending on either buying: an LTD Snapper (HSS Alder/Maple - with a vintage trem); or a Charvel Pro Mod (HH, with the same specs as above but Floyd).

The main thing I'm looking for is advice on a set of pickups will cover all styles. I'm going to Uni to practice and perform all styles. Learning to become proficient in as many styles; cover as much theory; practice as many techniques as possible, etc. Basically to become a very proficient all around musician. Whilst over the years I will accumulate more guitars to do session music (my goal), I need something to get me through my study years to cover all I can. Being able to jump between styles with one guitar. I will be making a lot of use of my volume/tone controls and split coils. Basically a guitar pickup set to fit a virtuoso (mind I'm far from, but just an example).

I'm more set on the LTD SN-1000 with HSS and vintage trem. But I just thought I'd add the Charvel HH to let people give me opinions on what would work bets as I'm torn! Just to add I'm even MORE torn as the Charvel has 24 frets and due to only staying in E Standard, the Floyd won't be a burden due to not changing tunings. Whereas the LTD has the 2 single coils to provide that extra versatility. But that's why I mentioned split coils. Hard choice, indeed! I may get them both, so even advice on a set to use in both should I need to. Possibilities are endless!

Thank you in advance to anyone who can advise.

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Re: Looking for a pickup choice (either HSS or HH)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2019, 10:16:01 PM »
So many options for a HSS.

I play in four coverbands, from ballads, disco, funk, pop to (classic) rock and hardrock. I usually play all the sets with one guitar: a HSS superstrat (MXG, made by Patrick Eggle etc...) with a swampash body, maple neck and ebony board. Its loaded with a Crawler and two Irish Tours. I can play everything with it, from Nile Rodgers, RHCP, U2 to Whitesnake. I have it wired in a way that I can split the Crawler (tele-esque) or combine the full Crawler with the middle-IT (adds a bit of sparkle on top the Crawler). Plenty of F-quack on second and fourth position. Classic single neckpickup. Really sings.

I also have an ash Fender American HSS strat with VHII and Mother's Milk. A bit more chime in that combo, maybe du to the ash but imho a tad less versatile than the Crawler/IT-combo.

Choice depends also on the voice of the guitar. A Crawler, a Abraxas and the eighties hairmetal style Holy Diver are obvious choices. The Irish Tours are in fact overwound Mother's Milk which a a bit glassier and woodier. If you dig vintage vibe also check the Pat Pend series. They're quite close to the Mother's Milk. The Pat Pend 63 Veneer Board gets much praise.

The Charvel is a different beast. A guitar like that cries for VHII's, Rebel Yell's or Holy Divers.

My main amps are a Orange Rockerverb MKI 50 head (6V6 tubes) and a Diezel Schmidt (EL34's, 30 watt class A).
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Mules, VHII, Crawler, MM's, IT's, BG50's.