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Author Topic: Best coil-split sounding neck PU that pairs well with Juggernaut in bridge?  (Read 50 times)

Ayaan Su

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Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations for a neck pickup that does great coil-split tone for my 7-string, and pairs well with my Juggernaut in bridge position as well.
The Juggernaut neck was okay but still sounds not right to me because for my taste of neck pickup, it's still too modern, lacking a sweetness and doesn't do coil split tone that well either.
I'm looking into something more open, sweeter, warmer, kinda woody but still balanced and articulate tone. Misha doesn't use the neck coil-split alone at all but I do, so the coil-split tone could be the thing that I care a lot for the neck PU.
I've heard that Abraxas, Crawler and VHII are those who do great clean & coil-split tones, does any of them pair nicely with the Juggernaut bridge? Or is there any better recommendations for my need?
The guitar I'll be putting on is a Chapman 7 string tele with Ash body , maple neck, Ebony board and 26.5" scale length.
Thank you so much for your suggestions!

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I was going to comment now much I like the Juggernaut neck pickup until I read your post..


I have the VHII in a guitar and it's pretty incredible.