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Author Topic: bridge pick up choice  (Read 1465 times)


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bridge pick up choice
« on: July 19, 2006, 10:56:52 PM »
I play a musicman petrucci i have a cold sweat in the neck, which is perfect. I have a holydiver in the bridge which i am finding a little bit too thick and lacking in bottm end thump. The holydiver is a bit too hot as well.
I play everything from muse to bad company to zz top to sabbath.
I want a mid output pickup, to give me that sort of Steve lukather Juice in a lead tone, but with a huge thumping rythm sound I use a lot of gain with a Soldano Decatone.
I don't want screaming treble like miracleman, and i have tried nailbomb but found it too abraisive.
Help ! Would cold sweat bridge be ok or too trebly !
It has a basswood body, maple bolt-on neck and rosewoood board.
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